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Homemade Aromatherapy Gift Candles


A festival without candlelight is not perfect. When you are worried about what to buy for a short time, rush into the store, buy a new and lovely gift candle, and keep a surprise to each other. Musical gift candles, floating gift candles, or gift candles of different shapes, such as Santa Claus and snowman, can bring back memories of your childhood. At the dining table, igniting beautiful gift candles not only makes the interior color brighter, but also makes your mood more high.
Gift candles are now more and more popular, and many romantic girls must have candles! Gift candle gift box, romantic powder color matching, like the light sandalwood of Japanese temple, light cedar in the forest. Of course, the girl who likes to do it can also do it by himself. Here is a suggestion of a velvet ice-shaped shaped gift candle. Get it up.
Required supplies:
1. Container (can be peeled plastic, can use discarded milk box, plastic box for stationery, etc.)
2. Wax pieces, or chopped wax blocks
3. Candle core
4. Cooking wax pot (can be used for discarded cans)
5. Boiled water cauldron
6. Discard chopsticks (small sticks)
7. Thermometer
8. Dyes
9. Aromatherapy essential oil
10. Ice cubes
1. Plastic box, tape the bottom to the bottom, (the box is sealed on all four sides, leaving only one mouth above.)
2. The wick, the wick (with iron tray) is fixed in the middle of the bottom of the box.
3. Piece of soy wax, (with ready-made candles, you can also use a knife to cut) with a pot of heat, stir and melt, pay attention to the fire is not too big, control the temperature of the wax.
4. The measured temperature is below 60 degrees, too high temperature, the surface is prone to cracks when it is finally cooled.
5. Take a yellow dye and put it into the melted wax to stir and accelerate the fusion of the dye and the wax.
6. Drop the aromatherapy essential oil into the wax, then gently stir it with chopsticks.
7. Take a small amount of wax from the bottom of the container and check for leaks.
8. Knock the ice a little, and put it in the container as much as possible.
9. After adding the ice cubes, pour the wax into it immediately. After it has completely solidified, remove the candle and cut off the excess wick. This is complete.
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